Landlord Information

Landlord Information


As a new landlord you will be required to fill out a W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification. We are required to report to the IRS all Hap payments paid to the landlord from the Terre Haute Housing Authority. The W-9 form is provided on the left under forms.


Direct deposit is available to our landlords so your Hap payment is automatically
deposited on the 5th working day of each month. The rent is paid current from the 1st

of the month.  If a Hap contract is executed after the 1st of the month, the following
month will have the current month and the prorated days from the date of execution of the contact. The direct deposit form is provided on the left under forms.


To check on your deposits made by the Terre Haute Housing Authority you can register on the HMS PAL site. Instructions are provided on the left under forms.


Once you have chosen a family who has a Housing Choice Voucher, they will provide you with a Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA). The form will need to be filled out and returned to the Housing Authority. At this time the HCV Specialist will determine if the unit is rent reasonable and the family qualifies for the unit. Once this is approved, an inspection will be scheduled.  All utilities must be on prior to inspection.  If the unit fails inspection, the landlord will be given the opportunity to make repairs in a timely manner or choose not to put the unit on Section 8.  A list of commonly failed items can be viewed on the left under forms. (General Inspection Info) 


Once the unit has passed inspection, the Landlord and Family can enter into a lease. The lease must be for an initial period of one year.   The Landlord can present the lease to the THHA and a  Housing Assistance Payment Contact can be entered into with the Terre Haute Housing Authority.  The HAP payment will not be released until the contract is executed.


To list properties you currently have available or upcoming, please contact the Admissions Department by phone at 812-232-1381 EXT 126 or 127.

Listings will be available for viewing on our website under Section 8 Tenant information.

Please notify us when the property is no longer available so it can be removed from the listing.